Amprius Technologies, Inc. Secures Orders with UAS Innovator Kraus Hamdani Aerospace

November 8, 2021

Amprius Technologies Now Shipping Leading-Edge 400 Wh/kg Commercial Cells, Expanding its Customer Portfolio in the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Market

Fremont, CA – November 8, 2021Amprius Technologies, Inc., the performance leader in 100% Silicon Anode Li-Ion Batteries via their Si-NanowireTM platform, today announced that it has secured commercial orders with Kraus Hamdani Aerospace, a pioneer in ultra-long endurance unmanned aerial systems (UAS).  Amprius Technologies will ship 405 Wh/kg battery cells to Kraus Hamdani Aerospace through the end of 2021, and the companies have also entered into an agreement to secure additional high-performance battery cells through 2022.

Amprius Technologies is the only company in the industry to offer lithium-ion battery cells with this level of gravimetric energy density. The orders from Kraus Hamdani Aerospace further expand Amprius Technologies’ growing customer portfolio and further validate its ability to deliver commercial battery cells with the highest energy density available in the market.

“Amprius’ battery cells are the best in the market in terms of specific energy and energy density, both of which are critical for our unmanned aircraft that specialize in ultra-long endurance flights,” said Fatema Hamdani, Kraus Hamdani Aerospace Chief Executive Officer. “We look forward to achieving new milestones with our best-in-class UAS systems and the superior performance of Amprius Technologies’ 405 Wh/kg cells.”

The Amprius cells will be used to power Kraus Hamdani Aerospace’s revolutionary, ultra-long endurance, unmanned aerial systems that are used in applications across demanding environments and industries. Their industry agnostic UAS platform has use-cases spanning defense, agriculture, communications, and emergency response. With conventional batteries offering limited flight time capabilities at a heavier weight, Amprius Technologies’ cells offer Kraus Hamdani’s aircraft double the energy in the same volume while also maintaining high power.

“We are proud to be working with a company as innovative and forward-thinking as Kraus Hamdani Aerospace,” said Jon Bornstein, Chief Operating Officer of Amprius Technologies. “High performance UAS is a fast-growing market with enormous opportunities for industrial and military applications. Since we offer the only commercially available lithium-ion cells over 400 Wh/kg that contain the performance advantage of a 100% silicon anode, Amprius Technologies is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing use of UAS globally.”

Based on a recent market study by Armstrong & Associates, the total battery market for UAS is estimated to be over $10 billion and increasing to over $30 billion by 2024. Amprius Technologies’ Si-NanowireTM anode technology offers the UAS market lithium-ion battery cells with the highest specific energy available, higher energy density, faster charge time, long life, and wide temperature range to empower a broad range of applications.

About Kraus Hamdani Aerospace

Kraus Hamdani Aerospace (KHA) is the world leader in building ultra-long endurance Unmanned Aerial systems (UAS) that mimic nature by utilizing onboard artificial intelligence to silently glide through the air like a bird and generate clean onboard energy. KHA’s K1000ULE is the world’s longest endurance fully electric zero-emissions autonomous unmanned aircraft in its size and weight category. KHA offering comprises aerial-based data, intelligence, and communication services to address critical customer needs within various sectors such as emergency and disaster relief, data and telecommunications, defense, agriculture, oil and gas, climate change and wildlife preservation. For more information, visit

About Amprius Technologies

Amprius Technologies, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high-energy and high-capacity lithium-ion batteries producing the industry’s highest energy density cells. The company’s corporate headquarters is in Fremont, California where it maintains an R&D lab and a pilot manufacturing facility for the fabrication of silicon nanowire anodes and lithium-ion cells. Please go to for more information.


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