Amprius Technologies Ships First Commercially Available 450 WH/KG, 1150 Wh/L Batteries

February 8, 2022


Deployment of industry-disrupting battery cell in advanced aerospace application affirms Amprius as the leading provider of the highest energy density cells available

Fremont, CA – FEBRUARY 08, 2022 Amprius Technologies, Inc., the leader in Silicon Anode Li-Ion battery cells with its Si-NanowireTM platform, today announced the shipment of the first commercially available 450 Wh/kg, 1150 Wh/L lithium ion battery cells to an industry leader of a new generation of High-Altitude Pseudo Satellites (HAPS).  Amprius Technologies’ high energy density battery cells have enabled groundbreaking capabilities in long endurance, communications, and high-resolution imaging to cutting-edge stratospheric platforms since 2018.

This shipment represents the culmination of collaborative development and testing for this latest design win. The deployment of this industry-disrupting battery cell in an advanced aerospace application affirms Amprius Technologies as the leading provider of the highest energy density cells available in the battery industry today.

“This advancement from the 405 Wh/kg product, previously announced on November 8, 2021, highlights the acceleration of our roadmap towards delivering products with unrivaled performance,” said Jon Bornstein, COO of Amprius Technologies. “Our proprietary Si-NanowireTM platform and the comprehensive solutions we have developed enable unparalleled performance and continue to sustain our product leadership.”

The newest product release from Amprius, which has been in commercial manufacturing since 2018 at its Fremont, CA facility, represents another proof point in the company’s unique ability to deliver breakthrough performance that enables optimal business cases for its customers.  To support surging demand,  Amprius Technologies, Inc. has embarked on constructing its first high volume manufacturing facility located in the United States.  A mass production site will be selected in the first quarter of 2022.

About Amprius Technologies

Amprius Technologies is a leading manufacturer of high-energy and high-capacity lithium-ion batteries producing the industry’s highest energy density cells. The company’s corporate headquarters is in Fremont, California where it maintains an R&D lab and a pilot manufacturing facility for the fabrication of silicon nanowire anodes and cells. Please go to for more information.


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